Identification Key


The online catalogue gathers male, female, adult and sub-adult killer whales as  identified in Norwegian waters since 2007. For each individual, an ID-photograph highlighting the individual's specific features useful for re-identification, as well as the associated unique ID-code are given. 


In order to facilitate the Catalogue browsing, individuals have been categorized and placed into specific folders based on gender and specific observable features of the dorsal fin and/or saddle patch.

Permanent scars


Fin shape

Distinctive features


Saddle patch

Dorsal fin

stands for Norwegian Killer Whale

Unique ID-number


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Category 1 -

Smooth fin

Refers to individuals displaying a smooth fin. Identification relies on scars from the saddle patch.

Category 2 -

Nicked fins

Refers to individuals displaying a fin with one or several nicks on the leading and/or trailing edge.

Category 3 -

Damaged fins

Refers to individuals displaying a fin with particularly conspicuous and extensive nicks, as well as bent or chopped-off.

Category 4 -

Open saddle

Refers to individuals displaying a saddle patch with obvious black incursion into the grey patch.


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The content of this catalogue, including identification images and illustrations, is not to be reproduced or used without permission. 

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